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Jaipur is a glorious city that is famous in the entire world. Without a doubt, the pink city is one perfect romantic destination for couples. The gorgeous lit-up after sunset makes this city exemplifying every traveler’s delight. Also, the food quality of the pink city is lip-smacking.

After visiting the man-made wonder Jal Mahal Palace Jaipur, we headed towards the Albert Hall Museum. I personally don’t like to visit the museum, exhibition hall, etc. The Albert Museum of Jaipur is the first museum I have ever visited in my life. Why did I visit this if I don’t like it because unfortunately, we don’t had much time so better of exploring something in place of doing nothing. That’s why you can either visit this place from outside or you can simply ditch it.

Always be a seeker of something new. Travelling can have its challenges at its times, but small moments like these, when you’re strolling through the streets and you see all these pigeons around you or you’re walking through a park and the sun passes through the trees and illuminates the nature around you, really makes you realize what a magical place the world is and how wonderful it is to live life.

Albert Hall Jaipur

Albert Hall Museum In Jaipur:

The Albert Hall Museum in Rajasthan is the oldest and historical museum in the state. Pigeons are everywhere in Albert Hall and when the birds spread their wings to fly, it looks marvelous.

Hundreds of pigeons roam in front of the Albert Hall Museum, a popular place of photography for both tourists and locals.

Well, beautiful couples were getting their wedding shoot done right there. The photographer’s assistant had to fly a flock of pigeons every few minutes for his magical shot. I stood near them and asked my friend to click it. It is just outside the Albert Hall Museum.

It is named after King Edward VII, Albert Edward, whose foundation stone was laid on 6 February 1876, during his visit to the city as Prince of Wales.

The museum has a rich collection of artifacts including paintings, jewelry, carpets, ivory, stones, metal sculptures, and work in crystals. The collection includes coins from Gupta, Kushan, Delhi Sultanate, Mughal, and British periods. Among them all, an Egyptian mummy is the main attraction of this museum.

Moreover, the Albert Hall Museum is also called the Governmental Central Museum.

Albert Hall Museum Interior

Best Time to visit the Albert Museum In Jaipur:

November to February is the perfect time to visit Jaipur to experience the pleasant climate around. Albert Museum in Jaipur is open from 9 am to 6 pm. After spending 1 to 1.5 hours here, you can spend the rest of the day at Johari Bazaar or Bapu Bazaar. If you wanna buy gifts from Jaipur for your loved ones then this is the place.


The museum is closed on Republic Day, Holi, Local Holiday and from October to March last Tuesday of every month (except February). Tourists aren’t allowed to enter the museum.

Interior Albert Hall Museum

Albert Museum Jaipur Ticket Price:

The entry fee of Albert Museum in Jaipur is just Rs 40 for Indians and Rs 300 for foreigners. It is Rs 20 for an Indian student and Rs 150 for a foreign student. So, if you’re a student please bring your valid student ID card.

How to Reach Albert Hall Museum In Jaipur:

The Albert Hall Nuseun is located near the Johri Bazaar in Ram Niwas Garden. The most popular Hawa Mahal is just 2.4 km from the iconic Albert Museum. It’s not so far from the main city. You can reach there easily.

Albert Hall Architecture

Albert Museum Jaipur Architecture:

Built in the combined Indian Islamic architecture with neo-gothic which was popular in the Victorian era. The Albert Museum Jaipur is the finest example Indo-Saracenic style of architecture in Rajasthan, designed by Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob.

Albert Hall Museum has handicrafts not only from India but from all over the world. The prestigious museum has a good arsenal collection of various types of blades, sabres, swords, spears, bows and arrows, shields, etc. used by kings or soldiers.

Also, the statues of Egyptian gods and deities are well kept inside the museum. The works of people from clay models to clothes and manuscripts and paintings are really fascinating.  It has many other things too.

Without having to cope with the jostling crowd, we spent a satisfying two hours at the museum. In the evening, when it is illuminated with light it looks fascinating from outside.

Albert Hall Museum Architecture

Historical Significance of Albert Hall Museum:

The foundation of the Albert Hall Museum Jaipur began in 1876 as a concert hall. It also reminds me of The Royal Albert Hall which is an iconic and huge concert hall located on the northern edge of South Kensington in London.

Besides, the museum got its name from Victoria and the prestigious Albert Hall Museum London because of the similar architecture. After 1880, the King of Jaipur, Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh II suggested using it as a museum for industrial art. In 1881, it was a great place to buy its major beauty and artwork, handicrafts, and other masterpieces.

Between 1881 and 1887, the museum was under construction. After 1887, people visit this museum for artifacts and ancient artifacts along with the artist’s masterpieces. After 1887, people visit this museum for artifacts and ancient artifacts along with burgeoning artist’s masterpieces.

Albert Hall Museum Jaipur

After visiting this ancient hall, which is illuminated by sunlight, a fleet of pigeons roam around and is filled with masterpieces of local culture. What was better than what one can expect from any museum, everything I saw was all memorable.

Overall, a fantastic experience to visit my first museum. If you are an art lover then you should visit this place.

To experience the historical splendor and culture of Rajputs, plan your trip to Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, the Pink City after Covid-19.

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