Guest Post

Are you a frequent traveller and want to share your story?

If yes, you are on the right platform! We are all ears about your amazing and magical experiences. It will be amazing to hear your story in your own words. I believe the one who has experienced the thing will be able to express it properly. That is the key reason why I want to hear your story in your words.

There is a range of topics on which I’m accepting articles. They can vary from giving advice on cheaper travel to destinations and activities one can do over there. You can find your key interest or relate your experience with any topic and then write on it. This will be a win-win situation for both you and me. You will get a platform to discover your talent and polish your skills. I will get something interesting to publish.

Topics You Can Write To My Blogging Site:

  1. Destinations you have visited( detail like when, where, etc.).
  2. Cost-saving hacks while travelling.
  3. Things you should carry travelling to a particular place.
  4. Tips for self-planning your trip.
  5. Road trips guide.
  6. Suitable weather to travel a particular destination.
  7. Food outlets at a particular place

The Main Goal Of This Post:

The key point for posting this goal is to increase the family of Hike Navigator. I believe the larger the family is larger the support you get from them. It will be a pleasure for me if you will join me on this journey.

There are no conditions on who can submit the post who can not I’m open to all. From beginners to experienced writers can share their experiences with me.


  • Share Your Trip Pictures:

    Do share your pictures with your writings that will make your post more elegant and interesting. As pictures give a clear image to the readers. Pictures are also helpful in raising an urge in people to travel and experience those things themselves. Please share genuine pictures that are of you not of someone else’s. I don’t want wany problem for you or for me.

  • No Plagiarism:

    Copying is always a bad habit and no one should practice it. Therefore it is strictly suggested that there is no plagiarism in your content. I only want your story and personal experience on my blog.

  • Required Content Length:

    Content length is a vital part of the writing. Your content should not be less than 800 words and should not excide 1200 words.

  • Follow-Up Link:

    It will be awesome if you will link in your content. It will be extremely beneficial to our readers, they will be able to navigate to the sources. For example, If you find someplace to stay which is very good and cheaper, you can add the link of that place either from google, or MMT, etc. With this readers will be easily able to contact them and check with them.

  • It Is Always Good To Add Short Bio:

    When we meet someone who is a stranger to us, we always introduce ourselves. Similarly, we have to when we write content. In this way, the readers feel connected to you, which is a key feature of blog writing.

Have An Idea We Are All Ears:

I give special preference to innovative ideas. You have any new idea feel free to email me on If you have prior written articles and want to share with me please share them with me using GOOGLE DOCS. Your articles will be checked and altered by me according to our needs. But in no circumstance, you will feel left out. You will be actively participating in the alterations too. The alteration will be made considering both yours and our’s expectations. Once editing is done and finalized by both you and me, it will be posted and will never be changed or removed.

Visit the Contact Me page and please drop me a line for more information!