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Packing disasters do not even talk about it, I have been travelling to different places sometimes alone sometimes with my family and friends for the last decade.

Being a frequent traveller I still do so many mistakes while packing, but I am working on it. I have learned from my mistakes and worked on them too. It will be a pleasure to share them with you and hopefully, when this epidemic ends and you travel, you will not find you’re packing a mess.

I’ve compiled a list of common travel packing mistakes all travellers should avoid:

  • Not Making A Travel Checklist-

    Many of us consider ourselves brilliant and out of the world, but the truth is that we forget. Not making a checklist is one of the most common mistakes travellers do. The travel checklist is basically a part of planning. More planned you are more prepared you are for the trip. It never feels good to find your favourite shirt missing when you have worked so hard to land a date with a stranger on your trip. So my advice is to make a travel checklist of the luggage you want to carry with yourself on the trip.

    Travel Check List
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  • Common Myth-

    We have been taught by our parents and in our schools that clothes should be properly ironed and folded so that there are no wrinkles in them. But, when we pack we should not follow this rule as it is not a good approach. I have personally learned it from my experience that whenever I fold my clothes to avoid wrinkles and pack them I end have far more wrinkles than I expect.

    To avoid this problem you should roll the clothes instead of folding them. This way you will be able to pack more and even get fewer wrinkles and there will be space in your bag to carry a small iron so that you can iron your clothes if needed.

    Roll Clothes For Packing

  • No One Likes Leaks-

    Anything you doubt that will leak is a danger, do not even think of taking that risk. Once I carried a shampoo bottle that had a pump on it. God knows how it managed to leak. All of my clothes were messed up with the shampoo and the whole of my trip was spoiled. There is a way out to this problem, what you can do is transfer them to small plastic bottles and tape the cap of the bottle this will reduce the leakage chances to zero. Therefore pack your toiletries carefully and in a smart way so that your luggage is not messed up.

    Travel Bottles From Leaking
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  • Proper Bag For Proper Trip-

    Always choose your bags according to your trip. I have seen people dragging their luggage on their trips. I pity on them as they are mostly dragging their luggage than enjoying their trip. You should choose your luggage according to your trip and it should be a single bag. People carry multiple small backpacks than a single large rucksack why?

    Just to save some buck on a new bag they spoil their whole trip, which costs them chunks of money. My word of advice to carry a single bag either it can be a rucksack or a trolly bag, the condition is it should be able to hold your all luggage. So that you can carry it carefully and it is not tiresome for you.

    Proper Travel Backpack
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  • You Might Have Heard “Excess Of Anything Is Bad”-

    I guess some of you might have already got my point from the heading. If not, it is ok I will explain. People, carry lots and lots of accessories which they might not use in their entire trip, avoid that. Shops and beauty products are the most common accessories people like to carry during their trip and that too excessively.

    I have seen my female friends commenting that “they are going on a relaxing trip and probably will not leave their room in the whole trip” and when they pack their stuff, its all beauty products, why? What is the use?.

    Travel Overpacking

    Similar is the case with shoes. My suggestion is to pick only that stuff which is useful to you and good in quality. For example, I went to Jaipur this year in January and it was raining over there. I had my Addidas Original shoes with me they were comfortable, had a good grip in rain, and suited my looks that added to my looks in my pictures. All-purpose served in a single pair of shoes.

  • Things People Take For Granted-

    People tend to take some things for granted like road maps, laundry bags, and the native culture of the place. People think that they have google maps there is no need for road maps. But they forget that there might network issues in the area they are travelling to, so it is always good to carry a road map with you or download offline maps i.e.

    Offline Travel Road Maps

    The laundry bag is the most underrated but necessary thing in a travel guide. No one likes smelly clothes, when you do not carry a laundry bag you have to pack your dirty clothes with fresh clothes which ruin your unused clothes. This will not happen if you will carry a laundry bag.

    Lastly, the native culture of the place you are travelling, it is always good to be friendly and respectful to the people’s culture and they might get offended if you will not do so, which may lead you in trouble. You are on a trip to enjoy and relax not to get treated badly by locals. So it is advisable to respect their culture so that you can enjoy your trip utmost.

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  • Putting Everything In A Single Bag-

    From my childhood, I have been taught not to put all the cash in a single place or the bag. My parents always consider that my luggage can get stolen so it is wise to keep cash distributed so that if I lost my luggage I can have enough money to return home safely.

    Another thing which I would like to add is, you should also use small kits or plastic bags with zips to hold your stuff of a single category together. For example, use a bag and put all of your toiletries in it and the same can be done for beauty products in this way your stuff will be more sorted.

    Travel Proper Luggage

In the nutshell, these are some of the advice I have for you in the box today on travel, hope you liked them and follow them when you travel next time. If I am helpful to you and you liked my posts please do comment, so that I can have constructive feedback and can work more ambitiously towards serving you. It is always a pleasure to read your comments.



  1. The article consists of small details which people would be knowing but would fail to follow, or think of it as not very necessary and taking it for granted. The way you have put all the points with examples, gives a deep insight on the matter why it is really necessary to follow these simple procedures to have a joyful trip. All in all, a good article! Keep up the good job! Looking forward to seeing more stuff like this! 🙂

  2. These small problems are huge when we ignore them. The article is terrific and in this article, you have written in detail about the real problems that can help us go somewhere. And we can enjoy the journey. This article is not good only, all your articles are fantastic. Looking forward to your next articles!……❤️


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