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Hike Navigator is a local and travel website that will guide you through all the adventure and eye-catching places. My main motive is to help people like you to make pleasant and long-lasting memories.

You can easily find the best option for your next adventure through my website without any hassle. I hope my blogs would help you to travel discover, plan & make your perfect budget trip with my experiences & advice.

Hello! My name is Gourav Girdhar. I’m an Indian enthusiast, love travelling and gaining local experiences. I born and brought up in a 165-year-old city, where you would not expect to read in the travelogue, named ‘Fazilka‘. Fazilka is the district in the Indian state of Punjab which is located 14 km next to the India-Pakistan border.

I’m a strong marketing professional with a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) focused on Information Technology from SRM University Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I’m also a part-time travel blogger who loves to explore this crazy world and has been writing for the past year but has been travelling from 9 years.

I balance a “normal” life with an unquenchable lust for travel. I used to write my travel articles on my website Hike Navigator so that my suggestions and experiences would give you some inspiration to chase and go on for your adventures.

I would like to live in a way where I can see something new every day, learn something new and travel makes me realize that.

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