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Are you thinking of travelling to different places? I know it is burdensome on the pockets and if it is to plan for a long vacation then one must have a huge chunk of money to have enough to spend.

Being one of the frequent travellers, I have discovered some ways in which cost-cutting can be done. These are the tricks that I learned during my travelling experience. So, if you are also planning to travel and want to enjoy maximum at minimum cost then you are on the right track.

Some travel hacks that can help you in travelling more often and spending less money:

Be a master at money management

This is the utmost thing that you need to practice when you are travelling and want to spend the least. As without this, you can’t even think of planning a budget-friendly trip. Well, jokes apart Budget planning is the most important part of the trip.

In my opinion, money management is a must and should be done by the person himself. I think that everyone has their own preferences, so money management should be done accordingly by the person himself. This will lead to prioritizing of things on which you want to spend more and marking things on which you can adjust and spend less. For example, I like my stay in good hotels mostly 5-star hotels, however, I can travel by public transport instead of using private vehicles.

Horn Ok Please Jaipur

In other words, you make a list of things which you want to be at there best. This will help you to manage money by spending nominal on them and less on other things.

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Compare the price of the offline booking and online booking

Many times I have observed a variation between the price of the booking for hotels, flights, and cabs when I am checking them on different websites/applications or by calling the helpline number, and the variation is also not less it can range up to 2000 bucks or more.

Therefore my advice is to work smartly and compare the price from both platforms and then invest your money, as it is your hard-earned money. Try to save it where it is possible.

Offline and Online Flight Booking

Factors that can affect your travel:

1. Choose the right place to travel

Now pre-planning your favourite destination can be a better choice as
you can plan your budget, shortlist famous spots you want to visit, as well as the number of days to spend at that particular place.

If you are planning to visit more than one place then act accordingly and choose inexpensive places to travel so that you can travel more and spend less.

Weekend Trip To Dharamshala McLeodganj through the eyes of a Budget Traveler

2. Select right season and flights

Choosing when to travel can get you many benefits as going unplanned can cost you more than it is required. Therefore, behave uniquely and differently. Plan your trip by choosing the right season. For example, generally, people have vacations in the summer season and they choose to travel which leads to price hike in everything. So it is recommended to choose an alternate season. Therefore, going in July month may cost you much more than expected because of the crowd whereas going in September-October may give you pleasant weather and discounts on a smaller budget.

Another factor that affects the cost of the trip is the means of transport. The first thing that comes in the mind whether to prefer airways or roadways etc. When choosing the flights one must be very careful. Like when to book the tickets or which time is optimal to start the journey so that you can cover maximum time in less expense. It is also beneficial to book flights as early as possible. Because this practice can save you a good amount of money. Suppose I am planning to travel in October, then I will try to book my flights in august ending or September start.

Early Morning Flights

Another exemplify, some flights offer minimum fares for the early morning take-offs. Some also provide huge discounts on food etc. So in this little way, you can save huge expenses.

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Track every small expense

Now, this is the major mistake that everyone does. If you do not track your expenses then you tend to spend more. Hence it leads to extra costs than you planned. To track this record you can maintain your daily diary or a record book. But, now some will also think this idea of caring a record book is so boring as well as hectic to do.

Then, let me suggest a more flexible way to you so that you can track the daily expenses without any difficulties. Many applications are available to track your budgets like Tripcoin, Spent, Trail Wallet, Spendee and Mint, etc. Even you can do all the payments online via CREDIT CARDS. Credit cards are as easy as punching some buttons and you can get a statement from your credit card provider.

Credit Card Travel Expense

No one likes a back pain

The heading might sound awkward to you. But it is my personal experience that when you carry excessive baggage it might give you back pain. Therefore my suggestion is to pack only those things which are necessary. There is a funny example for you my cousin brother and sister-in-law went on their honeymoon. My sister-in-law packed two giant suitcases for the trip. In result, my poor brother who was responsible for carrying those suitcases had a back pain by the end of the trip. He didn’t even enjoy the trip because he was always tired from the labour he put to carry those suitcases.

Travel Backpack

In a nutshell, carry only required things and do not forget to carry water can with a purifier. Trust me this will definitely save you a great deal of money as a water bottle is very costly in many places like airports, in some parts of India too, and even abroad too. Carrying this accessory will definitely give you benefits.

Last but not least, these are some Travelling Hacks which I personally follow when I am travelling and they are always beneficial for me. I hope they are beneficial to you too. If you liked my writings and it was helpful to you please feel free to share your experience with me in the comment section.



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