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After reading this heading the first question that arises in the mind is why to travel solo?
Solo the word itself sounds weird when you are planning a trip. Yes or no?

Many must be agreeing with my statement as it sounded weird to me too when I heard it for the first time.

Being a voyager myself, I love to travel and explore new places. But asking everyone to join me for a trip was not my thing after I got to listen to NO from everyone from whom I asked.

That was the day I decided to go on my first solo trip. So that was the time when I got my answer “why to travel solo?” In a nutshell, you get a chance to be independent.

Moving further if you are also planning a “solo trip” here are a few tips that I followed and experienced while my travelling.

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1. Always Start Trip From Your Locality:

In the beginning, always start your travel by taking baby steps. This means visit nearby places alone to check whether travelling alone is your cup of tea or not.

Move around your own city then state, then to the other states, and finally to the famous tourist destinations.

This will indeed give you a positive experience to grow further.

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2. Do Your Homework Is Must Before You Go:

 Planning is the must thing which should be doing to before you start your vacation.

This planning includes transportation, accommodation, famous sites to visit, and the essentials to carry.

Another thing, do a deep study of the place where you are planning to enjoy your trip.

Let’s start with the packings to be done.

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3. Pack Wisely:

As on a solo trip, you will be the only one to company yourself so pack the essentials in a way that you can carry easily without asking someone’s help.

For example, if you are planning to visit a hill station then carrying a trolley bag will be a foolish decision as campaigning or trekking does not allow you to carry it.

So in this case, big backpacks are the most efficient to carry. Further, it should be waterproof and locked properly so it can be theft free too.

Adding on, carrying a small side bag will be more useful as essentials can be placed there. Such as passport, mobile phone, camera, torch, etc.

Keep it as light as you can.

Travel Backpackers
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4. Reserve In Advance:

 Now track your trip with the help of transportation. Choose which means of communication is comfortable and safe for you.

Get the estimation of the distance and time via every means of transport and this will help you very much.

From my experience get yourself a timing that you can reach the destination during day time. This has a lot of benefits such it would be safe if you deboard your bus, train, or aeroplane away from the town. In the daytime, you can easily get transport to your accommodation.

Local Transportation For Solo Travel

5. Choose Accommodation Properly:

Now getting yourself a peaceful and safe place to rest is a must while touring. There are many options you can visit online and check which fits you better to your budget. View each and every place carefully, check the reviews and the ratings and do the advance bookings. This may sometimes give you great offers.

There are many options available everywhere but for the extroverts, hostels are the best option.

Those who live in hostels or domes get many benefits such as new friends, new partners, and a group or a team to travel, where they cannot travel alone.

Backpackers Guide To Hostel
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6. Carry Your Backups:

 This is a must point to keep in mind. Backups are the one and the only hopes you can get along with you on your solo trip.

The first backup you can keep is of money. You can keep extra cash in your bag in your room and carry only a desired amount along with you.

This will help you to have a safe side with your cash. Also, you can keep cards if you are going to a populated place.

Second, the other important task is tracking your journey via maps.

Connectivity always remains a problem around the world. So keep offline maps along with you to track yourself.

Another app that can help you offline is the translation app. Language cannot be common all over so study well about the language of a particular destination.

7. Emanate Confidence:

Confidence gives you a different look as you are the native of the same place. If you study your maps well you can move more confidently across this will hence save you from harms.

Don’t show yourself as a tourist by flaunting yourself among the market. Keep it simple and enjoyable by blending yourself in the environment.

Confident In Local Market

8. Let Someone Know:

Once you plan, share your plan with your close ones. Be in contact with your dear ones so that if any mishappening occurs they can track you in time.

You can keep sharing your location if possible this will help you more. Otherwise best you can do is discuss your plan with your parents and one of your best friend.

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9. Trust Everyone Or No One:

Localities are not as bad as shown by the media if approached lovingly they help a lot. But on the same side don’t be blind and move anywhere anytime with anyone. If you are seeking for help must carry safety measures as well as always stick to open and public places.

Somewhat lying may save you from unwanted harms. Don’t always openly mention that you are not a native. Be confident and always trust your gut feeling, if you don’t feel safe then immediately move away.

All in all solo trip is not a child’s play be alert, be safe and be confident. Trust your gut feelings and avoid landing in troubles.

This was all the things that I experienced and I shared with you. Hope this will help you and motivate too.

Do share your experience by commenting in the box.


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