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Coorg is officially known as Kodagu, situated in the western ghats of Karnataka state. Coorg is also known as Scotland of India. If you’re someone who dreams of outstanding view, bizarre forest, breathtaking waterfalls, gentle hills covered with tropical evergreen rain forests, beautiful scenery, lush greenery then this beautiful place is meant for you. If you’re heading out for an exciting leisure vacation then plan your trip for at least 3 to 4 days for Coorg.

The most popular coffee plantation is located on the land of Coorg. This city is full of historic pasts. The British ruled over this city till the independence of India. Britishers established the educational institutions, the introduction of scientific coffee cultivation, better administration and improvement of the economy in the Coorg. Coorg is also well-known as the birthplace of the Kaveri river. The best time to travel to Coorg is from September to March.

Coorg is popular for its handmade chocolates and wines. Homemade chocolates and beauty of Coorg both make a perfect bond for the tourists. You can also make the experience of various thrilling activities. In fact, river rafting, quad biking, microlight flying, coracle ride etc. are one of them.


My Coorg Journey:

Well, my trip to Coorg was on an impulse. It’s a matter of time when I lived in Chennai. I started my journey from Chennai. The distance from Chennai to Bangalore is about 347 km. After travelling by car all night, we arrived in Bangalore in the morning. Then we took a rest for a few hours at my friend’s home. I was very excited for my first bike trip from Bangalore to Coorg. By the evening, we were in Bangalore. Then we took our rented bikes from Bangalore and the most awaited journey of Coorg started.

The distance from Bangalore to Coorg is about 250 km via Mysore road. After 6 hours of biking in the heavy rainfall, we reached an unknown place near the Coorg in the next day morning. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the place. We booked a hotel there. After the refreshment, we travelled and finally, we reached about 35 km from the place. The name of this beautiful place was Coorg or Kodagu. In front of the wonderful view of Coorg, our long journey was nothing. Then for the first time, I felt the difference between mountains and hills. This place is really awesome. Once done with the lunch, we started off to explore the beautiful places in Coorg.

Best Places To Visit In Coorg:

1. Abbey Falls:

Abbey falls is one of the eye-catching falls in South India. It is located 8 km from Madikeri in Kodagu district. Kaveri river flows through this region. The falls come from the gentle mountains. Tourists can adore the waterfall from the hanging bridge. During the monsoon season, this place is the best picturesque place for couples.

Location: Abbey falls, Madikeri, Hoskeri, Karnataka

Abbey Falls, Coorg

2. Raja’s Seat:

As the name suggests, this place is one of the historical places of Kodagu district and the top tourists place in Madikeri town. The myth behind the Raja’s Seat is that the king of Kodagu used to watch the beautiful sunset along with his wife.

This place is full of the garden of flowers and artificial mountains. This is the topmost point in the Madikeri town. From here you can enjoy the beautiful views of the hills, beautiful sunrises and gorgeous sunsets. I recommend you to only visit this place either in the early morning or the evening.

Location: Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka

3. Harangi Reservoir:

This magnificent reservoir is located near the hudgur village, Somwarpet Taluk in the Kodagu district. There are so many resorts around this peaceful place to stay. This is the perfect place to relax. People can also visit this place in the evening to enjoy the cool breeze around the massive dam and see the sunset. Well, we were so blessed that we visited this place during the monsoon season when the gates are opened and water is released.

Location: Hudgur, Somwarpet, Kodagu, Karnataka

4. Mallalli Falls:

Mallalli waterfalls are situated 25 km from the Harangi Reservoir The major source of this waterfall is Kumaradhara River. It is located at a distance of 5 km from Kumarali village.

The roads are very small, so be extra cautious. There about uneven 500 steps of extra effort which helps you to watch the falls a bit closer. It was risky. Because it was a rainy season when we were visited Mallalli falls but still, we got down. After reaching the bottom, all of the risks were worth it. After so many days of journey, the roar of this breathtaking waterfall is still in my ears.

Location: Kumaralli, Karnataka

5. Kaveri River:

The Kaveri river originates in the western ghats of Talakaveri situated in the Kodagu district in Karnataka. In fact, a big temple has been built there where people worship Goddess Kaveri. Well, Rafting is a uniquely thrilling experience in the Kaveri river and must do in Coorg. Here, rapids are of the next level.

Rafting in the Kaveri river reminds me of a Hollywood movie Dark Water. Because the whole rafting route is surrounded by full of quick jungles. During the rafting, you can also see the beautiful dense forests and wildlife species.

6. Dubare Elephant Camp:

Dubare elephant camp is situated 29 km from Madikeri and 15 km from Kushalnagar. It is an elelphant training centre located on the banks of Kaveri river in the Kodagu district of Karnataka. Elephants participating in the Mysore Dussehra festival are also trained in the Dubare. Here, tourists can watch the elephants bathe and sightseeing of various wildlife species.

Don’t forget to experience the coracle ride when you’re in Dubare. While having the coracle ride, you can also see the fearful crocodiles on the river banks. Unfortunately, it was a little scary. But it is like a thrilling dream happening around you. Also, you should try a Coracle ride here, it was a unique experience for me. It is worth seeing elephants bathing and this place is completely for various flora and fauna.

Location: Dubare Elephant Camp, Kushalanagar, Kodagu District, Nanjarayapatna, Karnataka

7. Quad Biking In Coorg:

Quad Biking is one of the most off-road adventures in the Coorg. Conquer the rugged terrain by quad bike riding through uphill and downhill with a wonderful view of nature. Apart from this, to explore the lush green grassland of Coorg, cycling and biking in this hilly area are wonderful activities.

Location: Kushalnagar, Coorg

8. Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery:

Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery or Golden Temple is the second biggest Buddhist Monastery after Dharamshala. It is located 4.5 km from Kushalnagar. This monastery is surrounded by a green landscape. Namdroling Monastery is home to hundreds of monks and nuns. Watching hundreds of monks performing religious rituals and praying is a beautiful experience.

Location: Arlikumari, Bylakuppe

9. Microlight Flying In Coorg:

Microlight flying is one of the best lifelong experience of my life so far. It is quite amazing to enjoy the cool wind on the face flying at an altitude of 5000 feet. The sound of the surrounding landscapes and exploring the beauty of a Coorg from bird’s eye view is totally worth it. Whenever you come here, you can create your unforgettable memory. It is incredible to experience a microlight flying over beautiful surroundings.

Location: Ponnampet, Coorg

Well, we didn’t have so much time. There are also more enchanting places which will totally knock you out. Like Nagarhole National Park, Talakaveri, Bhagandeshwara Temple, Kaveri Nisargadhama, Rajas Tomb, Pushpagiri Hills, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary.

After the trip to Coorg, we planned to visit Mysore Palace. After breakfast, we headed towards Mysore to visit Mysore Palace.

Mysore Palace:

Mysore Place is one of the largest palaces in India and is also known as Amba Vilas Palace. This incredible place was home to the Wodeyar dynasty and the seat of the kingdom of Mysore. The large garden area surrounding the palace, four arched gates, the durbar hall, the ambavilasa, the Kalyana Mantapa is the most important elements to making this enchanting site worth it.

Well, Footwear is not allowed inside the palace. The painting on the walls, beautiful wooden architecture, and stunning construction enhances its beauty. The Mysore palace is outstanding to see during nights when lit with 97000 lights.

Location: Sayyaji Rao Rd, Agrahara, Chamrajpura, Mysuru, Karnataka 

I covered almost all the best places to explore the Coorg. Hope it was informative and will guide you to make an unforgettable trip to Coorg. Now it’s time to take a trip. Stay tuned!





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