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We all get confused when choosing our honeymoon destinations. And when it comes to the South, the list of best honeymoon destinations goes on and on. From the beautiful backwaters at Alleppey to the lush green forests of Yercaud, you can never have enough when choosing the best honeymoon places in South India. So, to make it easier for you, we have listed the 10 best ones, which you simply won’t be able to resist.

10 Best Honeymoon Places in South India For Newlyweds

1. Coorg – The Hilly retreat

Coorg - Best Honeymoon Places in South India

If you love hills and mountains, there is no better place than Coorg in South India. It is unarguably one of the most romantic honeymoon places in South India. Located amidst the coffee plantations, the aphrodisiac aroma will undoubtedly turn you even more romantic when in Coorg.

There are lots of activities to do here with your significant other. You can float in a coracle on the Kaveri river, trek through the beautiful spice and coffee plantations, stop by the breathtaking Abbey Falls, witness rare birds, and much more. There are multiple places to stay in Coorg, ranging from luxury hotels to budget homestays. You can choose your accommodation as per your preference and requirements.

Additionally, the route from Bangalore to Coorg is one of the most well-known in India. You should explore the romantic Bangalore to Coorg road trip with your better half once in your life.

2. Ooty – The Queen of the Nilgiris

Ooty Tamil Nadu

We are sure you have already guessed the name of the place after reading the title. Yes, it is none other than the majestic hill station in Tamil Nadu, Ooty. This is one of the most popular honeymoon places in Tamil Nadu. Located amidst the mountains and lush greenery, the whole place creates a magical and dreamy sequence.

When in Ooty, do not miss spots like Dodabetta, which is the perfect site for that “couple picture.” You can also go trekking or just long walks along the beautiful gardens and orchards found in abundance in this place.

3. Kabini – For the Forest Lovers

Kabini Resorts

Although some of the options above are located amidst dense forests, none of them would give you exposure like that of Kabini. If you and your spouse love to visit wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and the beautiful Kabini river lodge, there couldn’t be a better place. The best honeymoon destinations in South India do not necessarily have to be hills or backwaters. They can be sanctuaries too.

The Kabini River is near the Nagarhole National Park, which houses some of the rarest animals in the world. Here, if you are fortunate, you can witness the Asiatic elephants and the world’s most famous living black panther, Saya. Both boat and jeep safari arrangements are there for the ease of spotting animals like tigers, leopards, guars, etc.

4. Alleppey – Venice of the East

Alleppey Houseboats

When you are in God’s own country, you must look for the best places to visit in Kerala with your better half. Well, do not worry! Because we have got the best option for you. Alleppey is one of the most picture-perfect places, not just in Kerala but the whole of India. It is commonly called the “Venice of the East” for a reason. With beautiful coastlines, majestic backwaters, and amazing overnight stays at the houseboats, Alleppey is a potpourri of everything that you would want on your honeymoon.

If you are visiting the place in August and September, make sure to catch a glimpse of the famous snake boat race. Also, do not forget to drink some traditional toddy, which is wine made from palm by the local people of the place.

5. Kodaikanal – The Charming Hill Station

kodaikanal Romantic Hillstation

Kodaikanal is unquestionably one of the best honeymoon destinations in South India. The picturesque views, paired with the beautiful climate, are something that will remain a beautiful memory for years to come. At the height of 2194 meters above sea level, Kodaikanal is enlisted among the best honeymoon places in South India in summer.

The meaning of the name is “gift of the forests,” and the lush greenery and waterfalls rightly define its name. You can go for a romantic boat ride at the Berijam and Kodaikanal lakes or an adventurous trek on the Panini hills.

6. Munnar – Kashmir of the South

Munnar - Best Honeymoon Places in South India

Another place that always comes up in various lists for the best honeymoon places in South India in summer is Munnar. The all-year-round chilly weather is why it is called the Kashmir of the South. Munnar is divided into two parts. In Old Munnar, you can find all the guest houses and old heritage hotels to stay in.

The major attractions for couples in Munnar include the Eravikulam National Park, the Salim Ali Bird sanctuary, and, not to forget, the beautiful tea plantations. Two of the biggest attractions in Munnar are- the Neelakurinji flowers that bloom once every 12 years and the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. At Munnar, you can go trekking, boating, camping, and even paragliding with your better half.

7. Coonoor – In the lap of nature

Coonoor Tea Garden

If you are looking for a peaceful honeymoon destination, then Coonoor is your calling. Set at the height of 1930 meters, Coonoor is the second largest hill station of the Western Ghats. It is unquestionably one of the best honeymoon destinations in South India.

From luxury hotels to budget-friendly options, Coonoor has something for everyone. You can roam along the multiple spice and coffee plantations with your partner, but do not miss out on the Dolphin Nose. This place gives a significantly exquisite view of the entire estate. The dreamy landscapes and winding paths make it a picture-perfect destination for newly married couples.

8. Yercaud – The Land of Seven Forests

Yercaud Tamil Nadu

If you and your partner love a little adventure and want to explore some offbeat destinations for your honeymoon, then Yercaud is for you. It is a hill station located near Salem. Yercaud holds a significant position among the best honeymoon places in Tamil Nadu.

Away from the hubbub of the metropolitan cities, this place has majestic views and a serene environment which most couples want. Take a romantic boat ride on the Yercaud lake or enjoy a beautiful sunset at the Mettur Dam when in here with your beloved. Moreover, you shouldn’t miss these 12 best places to visit in Yercaud for a remarkable tour.

9. Lakshadweep – In the lands of Corals

Lakshadweep Islands - Best Honeymoon Places in South India

Finding the best honeymoon places in South India does not necessarily have to be within Kerala, Tamil Nadu, or Karnataka. Lakshadweep is one of the most popular destinations for newly married couples. The splendid beauty, thrilling activities, picturesque views, and the things to do in Lakshadweep are endless.

If you are an “adrenaline junkie,” you can try some adventure water sports when in Lakshadweep. You can also go kayaking and canoeing with your better half. Or, you can simply take a walk along the beautiful beaches or go on a shopping spree with your partner when you are in this majestic place.

Well, if you don’t have a budget for the Maldives, you can get the same vibes definitely here.

10. Araku Valley – Explore the unexplored

Araku Valley Andhra Pradesh

Are you searching for romantic honeymoon places in South India but don’t want some typical options? Well, then visit one of the most beautiful places in the South, the Araku Valley. On the other hand, if you are searching for a less visited place to spend quality time with your partner, this is your best choice.

The beauty of the Araku Valley is simply captivating. Take a long walk along the union paths down the deep valleys or visit the multiple small streams pouring down the pathways at regular intervals. Araku Valley is a complete bliss at any time of the year.

The Final Note

A honeymoon is always special. Going for a vacation with your better spouse after marriage is a memory of a lifetime. So you need to plan your tour very carefully. In this article, we have given you a list of the best honeymoon places in South India, with which you can plan your own itinerary. Try visiting as many places as possible, since all of them are breathtakingly beautiful. I’m sure you won’t regret visiting any of them.


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